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    WBFSH Breeder Awards

    There is a common adage - "Breeding takes time and is done in generations". Breeders work quietly behind the scenes, often unseen and unperceived. Many can tell a story or two about the storms they have weathered, often with heartbreak when something goes wrong with the mare or the foal, and about the dedication and devotion that goes with the game. This is the spirit and essence of the WBFSH – to support the breeder.

    The horses we see topping the rankings today, are the product of a breeder's passion. It started off with a covering, then seeing that little black dot on an ultrasound screen, that slowly grew until a foal was born. Who could have guessed what that foal would be destined to one day! Yet so often, the breeder is not there to share those glorious moments.

    Since 2019 Longines has been the WBFSH's official partner for the “Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards”, which take place every year to honour the world’s best breeders in the disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing.

    In their collaboration with the WBFSH, Longines emphasises the importance of breeding and breeders and their roles in the development of equestrian sports.

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