State of the Industry

A recurring theme has been the uncertainty of our industry sector's future. This uncertainty is heightened, in part, due to the lack of information on the global state of horse production and use.

  • Spearheaded by Chris Gould and Edward Kendall, the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses has developed the State of the Industry (SOI) Report, with the intension to address this information gap through annual surveys of producers and horse users.

    The first report, published in 2022, provides a snapshot of the scale and activity in Warmblood breeding and will place that in the context of the overall horse industry. Future reports will provide trend analysis and capture additional health, transportation, and agricultural information. Several surveys have been conducted in recent years; this report will complement those efforts rather than duplicate them. As an annual exercise, the report can offer additional insights as the data changes over the years.

    Chris Gould (WBFSH honorary member & ex Vice President Department of Breeding said, at the time the first report was released:

    "We are very pleased to have made a start on creating a global overview of the Sport Horse Breeding Industry. When Edward Kendall and I conceived the idea of a State of the Industry Report we were looking for a way to present its strengths and weaknesses, a view of its past and a tool for breeders, studbooks and governments to work with the WBFSH to fulfil our mandate of Leading Breeding into the Future. Hopefully this will be a template for long term data gathering, analysis and planning. At the very least it provides a profile of the industry that interested outsiders and policy makers can reference when considering issues affecting the sustainability of our industry."

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