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Pedigree Updates

  • Clean data, with correct and complete pedigree information is essential for calculating the rankings. Improving the quality of data is an ongoing project in which the WBFSH and the FEI collaborate closely. But it also requires the verification of pedigree information by the studbooks, who register these horses.

    Back in 2003, the FEI sent an Excel file with 6.843 horses to the WBFSH, of which 2.093 horses were registered as "unknown”. Today the quality of the data has vastly improved and more data is correctly captured already at the level of the national federations.

    In the quest for ever improving data, in 2018 the FEI and the WBFSH began collaborating on a data exchange project, which would enable the FEI to receive studbook-verified pedigree information for FEI horses registered with WBFSH member studbooks. In return, the WBFSH members receive all the FEI results for their own horses. For more information on the FEI-WBFSH Data Exchange Project follow this link

  • Despite the ongoing work for improving data quality, we do still come across mistakes in the rankings. If you would like to report a pedigree mistake, please contact the WBFSH General Manager, Nadine Brandtner for assistance.

    For studbooks wishing to submit pedigree updates, please download the Excel sheet “Report Pedigree Updates” and return it to Nadine Brandtner once horses to be updated have been correctly entered. The form should be used even when a studbook submits only one horse for correction.

    Throughout the year, unknown horses are included in the monthly breeder rankings to allow studbooks to identify incorrectly captured horses belonging to them. We request that studbooks report updates as soon as they are identified, and at latest by the end of July, in order to ensure that updates can be completed in the FEI database before the calculation and publication of the final rankings.

PLEASE NOTE – only send us pedigree updates for horses from your own studbook. Updates of pedigrees for other horses must be verified by their studbook of origin.