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    WBFSH Breeder Awards

    Every year, the world’s best breeders in the disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing are honoured in the "Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards".

    The WBFSH and Longines share many passions and values. Longines watches today pay homage to the original elegance and aesthetic of its historic timepieces, just as equestrian breeding reflects a proud tradition and appreciation not only of talent and performance, but also of the natural elegance and refined beauty of our horses.

    Like breeders who build on a unique heritage and lineage passed on from generation to generation combined with modern innovation and science, Longines combines the refinement of the past with the high precision of modern Swiss watchmaking techniques.

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    Longines' sports watches are the embodiment of the very special bond that the brand has built with the world of sports throughout its history. These creations combine innovation with sophistication, and illustrate the quest for performance that is essential to the Swiss watchmaker who looks back on a long and proud history of developing timepieces for the equestrian world, dating back to 1869.

    Today, Longines' involvement in equestrian sports includes show jumping, dressage, and eventing competitions. As sponsor of the FEI and official partner of the WBFSH Breeder Awards, Longines makes an enormous contribution to the flourishing of international equestrian sports. In their partnership with the WBFSH, they reach out to almost 80 studbooks worldwide representing no fewer than 150,000 sport horse breeders.

    Working in close partnership, the joint aim of Longines and the WBFSH is to highlight the importance of breeding to the wider public by sharing our passion for excellence, elegance, performance and timeless beauty.