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  • 10/07/2022

    International Young Breeders (IYB) World Championships 2022 RESULTS Press Release:

    2022 Full Results
  • Wendy Conlon
    Wendy Conlon

    IYB Secretary

  • JongKWPN hosted the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) International Young Breeders (IYB) World Championships sponsored by ‘Horses2fly’ from July 7th – July 9th. 139 participants aged 15 – 25 years of age represented 20 different studbooks from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Sweden, and hosts The Netherlands. JongKWPN (and KWPN) hosts provided a superb welcome for all, and a truly educational as well as competitive championships, showcasing also the strengths of the KWPN horse was delivered. The National Hippisch Centre in Ermelo provided a wonderful setting with its world-class and beautiful facilities of stables, arenas and indoor schools.

    Competitors arrived in Ermelo on Thursday July 7th completing first a multiple choice assessment including questions on breeding /reproduction; feeding/nutrition, stable management, the anatomy of the horse, equine health and international sport. Friday followed with assessment of conformation and athleticism (loose movement and jump) traits. The aim of contestants in these assessment disciplines was to achieve the least difference to the judge’s scores. Teams then were tested on their abilities to groom, plait and present a horse together, though not as part of the overall championship scores, still an aspect in which great pride is taken by contestants with some very skilled presentations made. Saturday concluded with presentation of horses in stance, walk and trot testing participants showmanship skills, control, and ability to encourage the best performance from the horses in the situation. Some masterful displays of horsemanship were witnessed in this discipline.

    It was a closely run race across all disciplines with high standards achieved across the disciplines. The international judges panel consisted of Bart Henstra (KWPN Holland), Tiernan Gill (Irish Sport Horse), and Matthias A. Werner (Trakehner Verband). Bart: "The team work, fun and the educational part make it an excellent event. The young breeders meet a lot of new friends for life".

    National KWPN Judge Marian Dorresteijn and Danish Judge Laura Juul appraised the turnout discipline. Marian shared “It was fun to watch how every team did their best to groom and present the horses in the best way”. The judges panel was completed with Stefaan de Smet representing the Belgian Warmblood Studbook for assessment of the in hand presentation discipline.

    All judges played a pivotal role in ensuring an informative, and yet relaxed atmosphere for all.

    Under the watchful eyes of chief steward René Schuiling and his team of assistant stewards the event ran smoothly from start to finish.

    The Irish Sport Horse Studbook team emerged victorious as World Champion Studbook, represented by team members: Maria Cairns, Shane Donohoe, Colin Doyle, Amy Finn, Edward Hennessy, Aoife Kirby, Annie Madden and Camilla Snow Coyne.

    Pferdezuchtverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. are joint Reserve World Champion Studbook comprised of team members: Lisa Anna Banzhaf, Jasmin Casandra Gross, Kathrin Kreuzer, Sandra Maneke, Hanna Reiff, Maike Reiner, and Carolin Wolpert alongside Hanoveraner Verband comprised of team members Monja Alhf, Merlin Campe, Jette Odile Fischer, Wiebke Poppe, Karl Hendrik Rollwage, Rike Sander, Sarah Scherer and Laura Schuldt.

    Team and Individual Rankings within both age groups of Junior (15-19 years) and Senior (20-25 years) are as follows:

    Rank Senior Team

    List Members
    Junior Team

    List Members
    Senior Individual

    Name & Studbook
    Junior Individual

    Name & Studbook
    1st Hanoveraner Verband e.V.

    Merlina Campe
    Sarah Scherer
    Laura Schuldt
    Wiebke Poppe
    Irish Sport Horse Studbook

    Shane Donohoe
    Edward Hennessy
    Aoife Kirby
    Camilla Snow Coyne
    Yannick Pferdmenges

    Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch e.V.
    Antonia Ritter

    Pferdezuchtverband Brandenburg-Anhalt e.V.
    2nd Pferdezuchtverband Brandenburg-Anhalt e.V.

    Lina Nebe
    Lukas Paulix
    Deniza Saddey
    Jule van Os
    Trakehner Verband e.V.

    Lisa Scharps
    Femke Düsterwald
    Stella Porath
    Gwendolyn von Feilitzsch
    Lukas Paulix

    Pferdezuchtverband Brandenburg-Anhalt e.V.
    Aiofe Kirby

    Irish Sport Horse Studbook
    3rd Irish Sport Horse Studbook

    Amy Finn
    Colin Doyle
    Maria Cairns
    Annie Madden
    Pferdezuchtverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.

    Sandra Maneke
    Hanna Reiff
    Jasmin Cassandra Gross
    Maike Reiner
    Sarah Scherer & Laura Schuldt

    Both Hanoveraner Verband e.V.
    Shane Donohoe

    Irish Sport Horse Studbook

    Lea Schweig

    Rheinland Pfalz Saar

    Additionally prizes were provided to those who placed within individual disciplines.

    Rank Confirmation Senior Confirmation Junior Athleticism Senior Athleticism Junior In Hand Senior In Hand Junior
    1st Yannick Pferdmenges (RHEIN)

    Emile Vandorpe (BWP)
    Sophie Brandt (MECKL) Eline Pouw (KWPN) Eva Maria Speck (HOLST) Marie Determann (OLD) Shane Donohoe (ISH)
    2nd - Mikayla Helene Brummund (CWHBA)

    Lova Halvarsson (SWB)

    Nikki Klaaskate (KWPN)

    Tayler Mundt (CWHBA)

    Amandine Wolf (SF)
    Merlin Campe (HANN) Lova Halvarsson (SWB)

    Franziska Schwarz (BAVAR)
    Jaqueline Breimer (WESTF) Sandra Maneke (BA-WUE)
    3rd Carolin Wolpert (BA-WUE) - Linnea Kampgaard Jansa (DWB) - Lukas Paulix (BR-ANH) Edward Hennessy & Aoife Kirby (ISH)

    Those who completed 100% correct theory papers included 19 seniors and 22 juniors, an excellent achievement by all.

    For the JongKWPN / KWPN, it was an honour to be able to welcome young breeders from across the world. The organising committee led by Muriël Koelen supported by Kim Falkena, Killian Freriks, Sander Hoogenberg, Caithlynn Hoop, Jarno Ilbrink, Froukje Kroondijk, Anne-Will Renskers, and Jasper van der Waaij, mastered the challenge with great competence. IYB President Inge Madsen summarised her impression of the event “It has been a great experience to be here and to see the young people work together as teams and perform so well. They all did a great job. They were very concentrated on what they had to do and produced some very fine results. The whole event has been almost perfect and it has been very enjoyable to be here with the nice areas and the people to work with. I hope all studbooks go home fulfilled with good memories and keep continuing the work with the Young Breeders. We need them for the future!”

    It was a highly successful and enjoyable event, delivered by the JongKWPN/ KWPN with superb professionalism, in a most welcoming atmosphere at Ermelo. Competitors, trainers and supporters also enjoyed a superb visit with VDL to conclude their visit to Holland on Sunday July 10th where they were treated to both hospitality and a fantastic display of both horses and ‘horsemanship’.

    Though not everyone returns home a ‘competitive champion’, participants made new friends from different parts of the world, broadened their experiences around horses, and each were welcomed within the spirit of the inclusiveness and learning together that underpins the aims of the International Young Breeder community.

    With happy participants all round, and with successful results, the tenth World Championships of the Young Breeders 2022 is at a close. It was a pleasure to see, yet again, young breeders from studbooks from across the world competing and sharing their passion for horse breeding.

    Further results are available at https://www.wbfsh.com/iyb-results