• Tops Arena Valkenswaard
  • 20-01-2023

    WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy

  • Nadine Brandtner
    Nadine Brandtner

    General Manager

  • As announced at our last General Assembly in Dresden (Oct 2022) the WBFSH and Tops Equestrian Events (TEE) have agreed to organise the “WBFSH STUDBOOKS JUMPING GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TROPHY”, a WBFSH studbook team competition for young jumping horses aged five to eight years, and stallions aged eight and nine years. The event will be held at the Tops International Arena in Valkenswaard (NED) from the 28th of September 2023 to 1st October 2023. A four-year agreement has been signed (2023-2026).

    New & unique concept, for the studbooks

    This event, in association with such this competition with such a significant partner, is a unique opportunity for our members and their breeder members:

    • Showcase your breeding associations & its brand
    • Substantiate the success of your breeding programs
    • Promote your breeders’ best young horses, and through them, their other related breeding products
    • Be part of an event where mutual beliefs are enhanced and a team spirit is encouraged  
    • Open the door for possibilities to build future business relationships
    • Benefit from generous earnings, with prize money that equals that offered at the Jumping World Breeding Championships for Young Horses (WBCYH) 
    • Seize the opportunity of registering your best horses at the exclusive auction with leading, international clientele.

    Selections and nominations of horses and riders will be carried out by the studbooks themselves. Once they have made their selections and submitted them to TEE and the WBFSH, the organizer will verify with the FEI that the information (details of riders and horses) is in accordance with the invitation system agreed between the FEI and WBFSH. After this verification, the invitations will be distributed to the National Federations.


    For the inaugural, 2023 edition, a team will comprise of five horses per category. The aim is to have as many studbooks as possible for each category (5-8 year olds, and 8 and 9 year old stallions). But smaller studbooks do not have to send a team for every category.

    The competitions will take place in two arenas each with different surfaces, i.e. sand and grass. The finals will take place in the grass arena.

    There are two qualifying rounds and one final for each age group. During the second qualifying round the horses start in the reverse order of the results in the first qualifier. The final will be between the best fifteen teams per category, with only three horses of the original team. These three horses are chosen at the discretion of the studbook’s appointed “chef d’équipe”. The results of these three horses will count for the overall result of the team. There is no jump-off for the horses in the 5 year old age group. 

    For every category, an individual classification per horses will also be published, during the qualifiers and after the final.

    The studbooks have to declare their intention of participating, with the number of teams they want to enter, by mid-June every season. Definitive entries have to be sent at the latest by 7th September 2023 for the first season.

    Entry fees

    The entry fee per horse is of € 500 (this includes stabling, and access to the show for grooms, owners and breeders of the horses).

    Each participating studbook is required to buy a VIP table (8 people) at a special rate of € 8,000. Additional VIP tables will be available at regular rates.

    Prize Money

    The total prize money will be € 170,000, elevating the event to FEI category CSI3*.


    The details of the auction, run by Tops Horse Trading (BV), will be communicated at a later stage. It will be completely unique, to create a market index for trade of the best young horses. It should be comparable to illustrious thoroughbred auctions (e.g., Keenland, Newmarket, Goff, Arqana), but even more thrilling, because the selected horses are in action on site.